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PUT accounts

Update basic user information including the users Avatar, Background or Cover photo.


Requires Authentication Yes
Rate Limited Yes
Response Formats json


Parameter Required Notes
access_token Access token of authenticated user. This is the token of the user who will be updated.
user[username] The user's username. Must be unique. Only ascii characters a-z and 0-9 are accepted.
user[name] Full name
user[phone] Phone number
user[location] The user's location
user[timezone] Full text representation of the user's timezone. Example: 'Eastern Time (US & Canada)'
user[gender] Gender, valid values are 'Male' or 'Female'
user[dob] Date of Birth
user[website] If the user has a website they want to associate with their account. Fully qualified urls. Example: ''
user[bio] Short bio or about statement
user[email] Email address
user[avatar] Avatar image for the user. Accepts an attached image file.
user[background] Background image for the user. Accepts an attached image file.
user[cover] Cover photo for the user. Accepts an attached image file.


In addition to the general errors documented, the following special errors may also be applicable:
Error Code Notes
422 This error condition is triggered when something with the request caused the update to fail. Likely reasons are invalid data, improperly formatted data, non-unique username.

Example Usage

curl \
-d "user[name]=New Name" \
-d "user[gender]=Female" \
-d "user[bio]=Heello Developer Extraordinairre" \
-d "access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN" \
-X PUT ""
// Note: PHP Examples use the Heello PHP Client library
require_once dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))) . '/Heello.php';

// You can get an Application Key and Secret by visiting:
$api_application_key = "APPLICATION_KEY";
$api_application_secret = "APPLICATION_SECRET";

// You can get an access token and refresh token by implementing the auth
// flow described at (or use the demo provided):
$access_token = "ACCESS_TOKEN";

$api = new Heello\Client($api_application_key, $api_application_secret);

// Update a user account, associated with access token
// Note: The attached background, avatar or cover is a file path to an image file that
// exists on the local file system
  $updated_user = $api->accounts->update(array(
    "user" => array(
      "name" => "New Name",
      "gender" => "Female",
      "bio" => "Heello Developer Extraordinairre",
      "cover" => "/path/to/image/that/exists.jpg"
catch (Exception $e){
  print $e->getMessage();
On a successul request, a '200 OK' response is sent. Additionally, a User object is returned to reflect the updated (authenticated) user.

Live Demo

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