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POST pings

Create a new Ping


Requires Authentication Yes
Rate Limited Yes
Response Formats json


Parameter Required Notes
access_token Access token of authenticated user creating the Ping.
ping[text] Text for the new Ping.
ping[media] Video or image data to attach to the Ping. Can be base64 encoded data, but should be attached via normal methods for uploading a file if possible to ensure greatest compatibility.
ping[private] Is the Ping private? Private Pings are only viewable by the user who created the Ping and any users who the Ping is directed to (all users designated at the beginning of the Ping via @user).

Possible values 1 or leave off if Ping is public.
ping[reply_id] ID of the Ping that the new Ping is in reply to.
ping[place_id] Place ID to attach to the Ping. Providing a place_id will override any lat / long values sent.

Note: Adding a place to a ping simply indicates where a ping took place. It does not indicate intent to create a 'check-in'. Check-ins are handled with a separate input.
ping[lat] An alternative to using 'place_id', you can provide a set of lat / long values. We will translate the lat / long to an appropriate place_id that represents the nearest city or town.

Only decimal degrees are accepted values (i.e. 32.78411)
ping[long] See ping[lat].
ping[checkin] Indicate if this Ping is a checkin. A Ping acts as a check-in, in addition you can post to /checkins to create a check-in without sending the 'check-in' parameter.

Any check-in without a place_id will be ignored.


In addition to the general errors documented, the following special errors may also be applicable:
Error Code Notes
422 Invalid Resource. This is commonly triggered when attaching media to a Ping that is not the correct type.

Example Usage

curl \
-d "ping[text]=Testing Ping API via curl!!" \
-d "access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN" \
-X POST ""
// Note: PHP Examples use the Heello PHP Client library
require_once dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))) . '/Heello.php';

// You can get an Application Key and Secret by visiting:
$api_application_key = "APPLICATION_KEY";
$api_application_secret = "APPLICATION_SECRET";

// You can get an access token and refresh token by implementing the auth
// flow described at (or use the demo provided):
$access_token = "ACCESS_TOKEN";

$api = new Heello\Client($api_application_key, $api_application_secret);

// Create a new ping with an attached media file.
// Note: The attached media is a file path to an image or video file that
// exists on the local file system
  "ping" => array(
    "text" => "Creating a new Heello Ping with the PHP library!!",
    "media" => "/path/to/local/image.jpg"
On a successul request, a '201 Created' response is sent
with a Ping object for the Ping created.

See endpoint documentation for pings/show for details.

Live Demo

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