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GET users/blocking

Used for retrieving a list of users a given user is blocking. Does not return fully expanded user objects, rather a simple list of user ID's. To get expanded user information, see the 'users/lookup' endpoint and pass it the result set.


Requires Authentication Yes
Rate Limited Yes
Response Formats json


Parameter Required Notes
access_token Access token of authenticated user. This is the token of the user for whom a list of blocked users will be returned.
count The number of results to return.

Maximum is 5000, default is 20.
start Starting position for paging. If you get 20 results, set start=21 to get the next 20 results (assuming count is 20).


There are no unique error states for this endpoint, please see our page detailing general errors you may encounter.

Example Usage

// Note: PHP Examples use the Heello PHP Client library
require_once dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))) . '/Heello.php';

// You can get an Application Key and Secret by visiting:
$api_application_key = "APPLICATION_KEY";
$api_application_secret = "APPLICATION_SECRET";

// You can get an access token and refresh token by implementing the auth
// flow described at (or use the demo provided):
$access_token = "ACCESS_TOKEN";

$api = new Heello\Client($api_application_key, $api_application_secret);

  // Get an array of Heello user ids, use a username lookup instead of the id of the user
  $users = $api->users->blocking(array(
    "count" => 10

  // Note that $users isn't an array of user objects, to get a list of user objects
  // use the user lookup api endpoint. ids takes a comma separated list of user ids
  $users = $api->users->lookup(array(
    "ids" => implode(",",$users)

} catch (Exception $e){
  print $e->getMessage();
Please use the "Live Demo" below to see an example response.
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Live Demo

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