Heello REST API Documentation

Reference documentation for interacting with the Heello API, including examples.

Anatomy of a REST URL

All Heello API endpoints follow a very specific format:


Access Tokens

Heello provides oAuth based authentication schemes. All Authenticated API calls require that an access_token is provided for the resource owner performing any given action.

The most reliable way to provide the access_token is via the POST or GET parameter as illustrated below:


Acquiring an access token for your application and a given client is documented in our Authenticate a User guide.


All requests by default are routed to the current default version Heello supports at the time.

At this point in time, the API is on version 1. In the future, if we need to upgrade or make major changes to certain API endpoints, we will create a new version for that endpoint that will give developers more time to migrate their codebase.

Using An Older Version

As Heello releases new versions of our API we may decide to provide access to older versions via the Accepts Header. To access an alternative version (provided we support it) you may send an Accepts header as illustrated below:

Accept: application/vnd.heello.v2

Where v2 is the version you are attempting to use.